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Student Ambassador Program

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EVC Student Ambassador Program

The EVC Student Ambassador Program is the coolest way for any student to be a part of our crew and work closely with the team in creating the most sought after festival in India. India’s largest camping music festival aims at helping the youth ‘Join the Tribe’ in the most inclusive way such that college students can get hands-on experience at one of the leading festivals in the region; and work under the banner of the world’s leading music label, Universal Music Group. What this all adds up to is a TON of work experience with some of the Industries BEST!

When people ask us what we do, our motto is very simple - ‘Work Hard, Party HARDER’!
You’ll live it for real and if we ain’t your party, come here and show us how you do it!

Make friends, follow your dream and take back some amazing memories that will always have you strive to take on your future; Come work with us! Participate! Be a part of this Tribe and stand a chance to make a difference to YOUR Festival.

Be a part of history in the making, be our very own Enchanted Trouper, #JoinTheTribe!

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